Bingo Express I & II are open Jan 1, 2024

Bingo Express I and Bingo Express II will be open Monday, January 1, 2024. Start your New Year with great luck!

Happy 2024 To All!

Advice For Beginning "Bingoers"

Bingo can be a great past-time and many people enjoy playing, either by themselves or in a group. If you're new to bingo, there are some great bits of advice to help you get right "into the swim of things!"

The basics

Try to arrive early for the game you want to play. This will help you "get settled," find a place to sit, get refreshments, and so on. (Some players even like to bring along lucky momentos to personalize their space!) It also allows time to get information, as explained next.

Allow time to visit with the staff to learn more about how the paper and digital versions of the games are played. Also, find out ahead of time about facilities, such as smoking/non-smoking, seating, restroom accommodations, and so on. Bring whatever you need with you (other than refreshments, which are usually sold in the hall).

Feel free to ask not only the staff for pointers, but visit with other players. It can sometimes be easy to spot "regulars," who can be great sources of information. Plus, you might make a new friend or two!

Give some thought to your bingo games... do you want to go in a group and socialize a bit? Do you want to devote more attention to the game over socializing? Try out both types of recreating, and soon you'll know which is more your style and the most enjoyable. Some people like both, and some are serious about paying attention to their game boards.

There are plenty of other great game pointers, but the above should be a good start. Last but certainly not least, the staff at any location where you play bingo should always provide friendly, patient advice on the games. If you are new, this particular help is very important. At Bingo Express, you can always count on us helping out folks who are new to the game - it's all towards everyone have a great time!

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